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Welcome to Port Albert Motel!

Thank you for choosing to stay at Port Albert Motel. Below is the information you will need for your stay.


If you require anything else during your stay please contact our Manager on +61 448 789 177

We hope you enjoy your stay at Port Albert Motel


Emergency Evacuation Map

Port Albert Motel Emergency Map
Port Albert Motel Emergency Map

In case of a emergency, please follow the most direct route to the assembly point

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Location: 37 Wharf Street Port Albert VIC 3971 





Town Map

Port Albert Town Map
Port Albert Town Map

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During your stay...

If you need anything during your stay, please do not hesitate to contact our Manager on +61 448 789 177

King Room Port Albert Motel

Free Wi-Fi for general internet browsing is available for your use. The Wi-Fi password is located on the microwave or by calling the Manager on +61 448 789 177.

The password changes periodically

Dish Washing

You are not expected to wash your own dishes. There is a dish washing kit provided in the wardrobe for your convenience.

Alternatively, you can place your dirty dishes in the bucket provided outside your front door and our cleaning staff will take care of it. 

House Keeping

Your room will not be cleaned during your stay for privacy & security. If you require your room to be made up (e.g. beds made, room vacuumed &/or fresh towels) this can be arranged by request with our Manager by calling +61 448 789 177. Additional blankets, pillows, crockery etc. are in the wardrobe. Please call our Manager if you require anything else e.g. towels, amenities, extra tea bags etc. 

Cooking Appliances

We have a range of cooking appliances available for use during your stay (e.g. kettle, toaster, sandwich grill, microwave). We have provided a limited range of containers and utensils, located in the drawers.


For guest safety, preparation of food in guest rooms by any type of cooking appliance is prohibited, excluding appliances provided by Port Albert Motel. A minimum fee of $200 may be charged for cooking in room. This includes hot plates, rice cookers, open flames, heating appliances or other similar items intended for cooking. 

Mini Bar

Alcoholic beverages must not be distributed to minors under 18 years of age. Please notify out Manager if you have used our mini bar service. Payment can be made by credit card over the phone or credit card/cash in person at check out. If items from the mini bar have been opened/consumed, you will be charged accordingly.


Please drink responsibly

Gas Bottles

Hot water for your showers comes from bottled gas & can take a little while to warm up. If water does not heat up, please contact our Manager on 0448 789 177 as soon as possible. Whilst we always ensure we have a spare gas bottle in reserve, it needs to be changed over manually. The Manager will replace the gas bottle as soon as possible after being notified. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Although we do our best to avoid running out of gas, it can be difficult to gauge remaining gas levels. 

Items available upon request

If you require anything else during your stay, please call +61 448 789 177.

Examples of other items include: Iron, Hairdryers & Kids Toys

BBQ Area

A BBQ has been provided for your use during your stay. Please use the baking paper provided on the hot plate to help keep it clean for the next quest. Please place used BBQ utensils in the bags provided (located in plastic tub under BBQ). Do not place hot cooking materials on the ground, the flooring will be damaged by the heat. 

The BBQ cannot be used on Total Fire Ban days.

Power Points

Please do not unplug any of the electrical equipment (e.g. fridge) around the bench. These are spare power points behind the beds for your usage. These can be used to charge your phones & other electronic devices.

Room Keys

Lost Keys: If you lose your room key, please call +61 448 789 177 to arrange a replacement. Lost room keys will incur a charge of $20.00

Checking out: When you check out, please leave your room key on the microwave, lock & close the door behind you.

Fish & Bait

If you need to store bait & fish, please use the outside fridge located behind the motel (Wharf Street end) or alternatively contact our Manager on +61 448 789 177 to discuss options for storage to avoid odours in our room fridges

DVD Hire

All rooms include a DVD player. You can borrow a DVD from our cupboard on the motel veranda free of charge. 

Please return DVDs to the cupboard when you are finished with them.


Things to do

Looking for something to do, here are the contact details for local activities

Port Albert Jetty Fishing
Fishing & Boating

Port Albert Boat Hire - 0428 172 365   
Port Albert Fishin' Charters - 0409 793 714
Nooramunga Sailing Tours - 0427 568 578

Historical Sites

Gippsland Regional Maritime Museum - (03) 5183 2520

Maritime Art & Antiques - 0428 832 531

Historic Cemetery (Alberton) - (03) 5184 1231

Historic Church (Tarraville) - (03) 5182 5117


The General Café & Restaurant - 0459 628 577
Port Albert Wharf Fish & Chips - (03) 5183 2002
Castim by the Jetty - 0400 107 385
Yarram Country Club - (03) 5182 5399
Commercial Hotel (Yarram) - (03) 5182 5419
Club Hotel (Yarram) - (03) 5182 5027
Alberton Hotel - (08) 8447 1069

Port Albert Walking Track
Nature Based Tourism**

Wilsons Prom National & Marine Parks
Tarra Bulga National Park
Snake Island
Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve
Nooramunga Marine & Coastal Park
Corner Inlet Marine & Coastal Park
90 Mile Beach
Great Southern Rail Trail
Tarra Trail
Christopher Robinson Walking Trail

Port Albert Fishing

Rutter Park Playground
Fish off the Jetty

Located across the main road

Visitors Centre

Interiors by Jade Gift Shop - 0423 968 896
Port Albert Art Gallery - (03) 5183 2588
Port Albert General Store - (03) 5183 2442

Yarram Visitor Information Centre - (03) 5182 6553

Yarram Regent Theatre

Yarram Regent Theatre - (03) 5182 5420
Yarram Golf Club - (03) 5182 5596
Jenny Nickell Remedial Massage - 0487 888 089
Serenity for the Soul Massage - 0403 339 400

Taxi on the Street

Yarram Taxi Services - 0401 825 986
Yarram Taxi Company - (03) 5182 5986 

* Several pubs in Yarram provide a courtesy bus – call directly to confirm availability particularly mid-week. 
For directions please ask our Manager or search online.

** See brochures in room or our Gippsland page



Click the image for close up details on remote control instructions

Click the image for close up details on coffee pod machines instructions

Port Albert Motel Queen Twin
  1. Press VANE to select airflow up down direction

Each press changes the fan speed in the following order

Room Air Conditioner/Heater Remote Instructions

Please ensure there are no obstructions between the air conditioner front panel & remote control.
Please do not drop or throw the remote control.
Please return remote control to cradle after use.

  1. On/Off

  2. Fan Speed

  3. Left Right Air Flow

  4. Up Down Air Flow

5. Timer

6. Temperature increase/decrease

7. Mode

8. Night Mode

Select operation Modes
  1. Press on/off to start the operation

  2. Press Mode to select operation.Each press changes the mode in the below order

  3. Press up or down temp to set temperature

  4. Press on/off to stop the operation

Select operation modes
Fan Speed
  1. Press fan to select speed

Each press changes the fan speed in the following order

Fan speed
Airflow direction (right/left)
  1. Press Wide VANE to select airflow left right direction

Each press changes the fan speed in the following order

Airflow direction (left right)
Night Mode
  1. Press Night Mode during operation to activate 

  2. Press Night Mode again to turn off

Night Mode changes the brightness, disables beep sound, and limits noise level of outdoor unit

Air Con Heater Remote.jpg
Airflow direction (up/down)
  1. Press VANE to select airflow up down direction

Each press changes the fan speed in the following order

Airflow direction (up down)
Timer Operation
  1. Press timer on during operation 

  2. Press increase or decrease to set time or timer

  3. Press off cancel to timer

timer operation

House Rules & Policies

House Rules 
  1.  Guests and invitees of guests are expected to behave in a manner which is conducive to the safety, comfort and convenience of other guests within the property.

  2. A breach of any house rule may result in the summary eviction of the offender at the discretion of the Manager

  3. A breach of house rules includes:

    • noisy, offensive and/or unruly behaviour​

    • damage to or destruction of property

    • improper or unseemly conduct

    • any act or omission which in the opinion of the Manager, adversely affects or brings discredit upon the Manager, owner or other guests

  4. The Bunk Bed Safety Warning must be adhered to at all times

Bunk Bed Safety Warning

Falls from elevated beds can be fatal and deaths have occured where children have fallen from elevated beds. This is relevant for all ages. The risk is greater for younger children.

Guests should not use the top bunk is the following circumstances:

  • For children under the age of 9 years old

  • When intoxicated or affected by medication or drugs

  • If persons are bed wetters or have previously fallen from a bed

The following must be adhered to at all times:

  • Bunks are not to be used as play equipment and users should not jump on or from the bunks

  • Bunks are not to be moved under any circumstances as caution must be exercised in relation to overhead ceiling fans

  • Any defects to beds must be reported to the Manager immediately; and 

  • Those guests who have impaired capacity should use caution when using bunk beds.

Reservation Policy

Check-In Time 02:00 pm 

Check-out Time 10:00 am 

Upfront payment is required for all bookings. Check-in time is after 2:00 pm. Check-out must be by 10:00 am. If you would like to request a late check-out, please contact the Manager on +61 448 789 177 and we will try to accommodate you where possible.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to check-in time on the date of arrival, will result in a forfeiture of the fees for first nights' accommodation. Please contact our Manager on +61 448 789 177 to arrange a refund of the balance of your payment.

Pet Friendly Policy

We are pet friendly 'upon request' to 'people friendly' pets outside of the peak holiday periods of Easter and Christmas Holidays. Approval may be allowed in certain circumstances and is strictly only permitted in on particular room. 

We have agreed fir you to bring your 'people friendly' pet on the basis that you follow these rules:

  • Pets must be in good health and free from flees and ticks. We recommend that pets be undergoing a tick treatment

  • Pets are to be supervised by their owner at all times and are not to be left unattended in the room for any reason

  • Please provide your own bedding, laying mats, feeding bowls etc, for you pet

  • Pets are not allowed on beds in the rooms

  • We appreciate you being outside the room as much as possible with your pet

  • Please be aware of other guests comfort especially around the BBQ area

  • Remember some people including children may be afraid of animals

  • You are responsible for picking up and disposing of your pet's waste in a sealed plastic baf and placing it in external rubbish bins

  • Pets must be on a controllable leash at all times when outside the room

  • Pets which are disruptive, aggressive, cause noise or are the subject of a complaint from other guests cannot remain on the premises

  • Pet owners are personally responsible and will compensate Port Albert Motel for any personal injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions caused by or  because of their pet

  • When checking out, please ensure the room is clean and that any pet hair etc. have been removed

  • No more than 2 pets on the premises at any one time

Port Albert Motel reserves the right to eject any quests, without a refund, if these rules are not adhered to.

The Woodside Dog Lodge offers short term boarding day care as well as a Vet on 24 hour call if required and can be contacted on (03) 5187 1164.

Terms and Conditions

For our full terms and conditions click here