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Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to your stay

Can I check in or check out outside of the allocated times?

Yes, however only by prior arrangement with the Motel Manager by phone on 0448 789 177 or via email

Is free parking available?

There is free and ample parking for all guests.

Is there room to park my boat?

There is ample room to park a boat and boat trailer. We have even had guests land their helicopter & stay the night at our motel. 

There is no onsite reception, how do I check-in?

For all your check-in details, our Motel Manager will be in contact with you prior to your arrival to advise on how to gain entry to your room.

Do any of the rooms have a bath?

None of the rooms have a bath, however all contain showers.

Is there a BBQ area?

Yes. A BBQ area and utensils have been provided for your use during your stay. Please note that the BBQ cannot be used on Total Fire Ban days.

Does Port Albert Motel allow pets?

Usually no, however approval may be allowed in certain circumstances and is strictly only permitted in one particular room. This can only be booked by calling our Motel Manager directly on 0448 789 177 (not available online) and is subject to availability (usually not accepted during holiday periods e.g., Easter and Christmas). Extra cleaning costs may be incurred, and you will be responsible for any damage your pet causes during your stay.

During your stay

Where do I find specific information about my stay at Port Albert Motel?

Every room contains a compendium with all necessary information for your stay. Our website also includes information such as ‘how to find us’ & ‘things to do’ while you are in the Gippsland region.

Is there WiFi?

Port Albert Motel provides free access to WiFi. All details can be found in your room or by calling the Motel Manager on 0448 789 177.

Will my room be cleaned during my stay?

We do not clean your room during your stay for privacy and security reasons.  However if you would like your room to be made up e.g. beds made, room vacuumed and/or fresh towels this can be arranged by request with our Motel Manager by calling 0448 789 177.

Can I cook in the rooms?

Port Albert Motel provide a range of appliances including a toaster, sandwich grill, microwave and a limited range of containers and utensils. For safety, preparation of food in guest rooms by any other type of cooking appliance is prohibited, excluding appliances provided by Port Albert Motel. A fee will be charged for damage and/or additional cleaning required due to cooking in the room on appliances not provided by Port Albert Motel.

Is there a space for washing dishes?

As guests, you are not expected to wash your own dishes. However, if you would like to wash your own dishes, we have provided a dish washing kit.

Do you have electric blankets on the beds or as an extra?

Due to safety concerns related to electric blankets, we do not provide them.

I have lost my room key, what do I do?

In the case of a lost key, please call our Motel Manager on 0448 789 177 to arrange a replacement. Lost keys will incur a fee of $20.


What are my payment options?

Port Albert Motel accepts multiple forms of payment including cash on arrival. Depending on how you book, we accept credit card, debit card and cash on arrival. Invoices and Receipts can be sent by email on request.

Can I pay before my arrival?

Yes, this can be done directly through our website or over the phone to our Motel Manager by calling 0448 789 177.

I have prepaid & now I need to postpone my stay, can I move my check-in to a later date?

Yes you can move your check-in date, however this must be arranged a minimum of 48 hours prior to your original check-in date/time. This is in line with our terms and conditions and cancellation policy.  Please note if you have booked through an online booking channel then you will need to liaise directly with them in relation to any modifications to your original booking and is subject to their terms and conditions.

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